Our selection has rainwater spouts, roof protection products, building waterproofing, machine  junction roofs and roof snow works.

We are offering in addition a reliable installation service  to all our sold products and we do different tin works. We service both enterprises and privat persons. Our goal is a successful results of work that guarantees a satisfied customer. 


-round and square rainwater spouts

-coming downs

-snow barriers

-processing  bases

-ladder systems

-tin covers 


We deliver to our customers rainwater systems and roof protection products.
We do in addition different tin works and we are offering a reliable installation service to all our sold products.


-rainwater systems

-roof repairs

-machine junction tin roofs

-water covers

-tinsmith services

-tin and installation works

-roof protection products

-painting and washing of tin roofs

-roof snow works

Roof snow works and snow falling with 30 000 hours experience on the area
of Länsi‐Uudenmaa.

Picture gallery of works done.