If your daily routine of work suffers from a shortage of skilled staff, it is reasonable to use our services in locating temporary workers.

The advantages of labour leasing are:

-It makes the workforce policy more flexible in the company

-You can save the time and other resources

-We will solve the problems with recruitment of the temporary or high
season workers

-We will take care of all the duties of the employer fixed by the law

-You will pay only for the works done; you will miss the holiday pays, also
the cost for sick-vouchers

-You will get all the personnel costs on one bill

-You can rent the staff from one day to years

-Guarantee – if you in some reasons are not satisfied with the worker we will replace him by another, of course free of charge


CV database

A CV database with over 200 000 candidates is in use by us.

To find the most acceptable candidate, please send your request by our e-mail.


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